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About Caro & Kaspar

Caro & Kaspar are a director's duo based in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg.


As a couple in both their personal and professional lives, they believe that their male and female perspectives complement each other and bring a broader and more nuanced view to their projects. ​By drawing on each other's strengths and working together seamlessly since over

a decade, they are able to push boundaries, creating work that is both cinematic and emotionally resonant. Their adventurous spirits and their ability to think outside the box have earned them

a reputation as a go-to team for clients seeking fresh, exciting, and unexpected solutions. 

As firm believers in creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere on set, their deep understanding and complementary skills have allowed them to develop a unique directing style that is rooted in positivity and collaboration. Their attention to detail continues in post production, where their shared love for music, rhythm and soundscapes comes fully into play.

In particular, Caro & Kaspar have garnered attention for their projects in the luxury hospitality sector, which have seen them filming in some of the most remote and breathtaking locations on earth. From the northernmost settlement in the Arctic to the southernmost cities in Patagonia, they have captured stunning visuals that convey a sense of place and create an immersive experience for the viewer. 

By drawing on their network of creatives and facilities, they are able to meet each project with

a tailor-made team constellation and technical setup. Paired with their agility and no-nonsense approach, their productions combine efficiency with quality results.

With a combination of creativity, technical and organisational expertise and a can-do attitude,

Caro & Kaspar are continuously expanding their horizon and are always up for new challenges.

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